VANAV360 Open SWIM race

Get challenged and have fun at the VANAV360 Open SWIM race, that is for everybody.

When: 07. August 2021

Where: Jollevej 10, 2300 Kbh S (Amager Strandpark)

Time: 14:00-16:00

This VANAV360 Open Water SWIM Race is for everyone who can complete a 2 or 4km distance. It’s an open race created to have fun, and everyone can participate. There are no restrictions or limitations. 

The Open Water Swim race will be held in the Laguna, where there will be some buoys – a so-called technical race. The distance will be around 2km. 

The convention runs with several classes so that everyone can participate – including children.

After the race there are a selection of delicious street foods and cold drinks, hot cocktails and beers to buy, and you can relax at the Copenhagen Watersport Festival.


The main sponsor of the race, the danish watersport brand VANAV360 have a lot of sponsor gift to give for the winners and for lottery as well. So there might be a chance to get a gift even though you are not a winner. 


You can sign up through the link below. 

Pre-registration fee is only 150 DKK*
Registration fee at the festival is 250DKK.

*only valid for pre-registration before 31st July 2021.